Access to healthcare

The value of vaccination

According to the World Health Organization, only clean drinking water rivals vaccination in its ability to save lives.

Our people

Simon Wright, Head of Child Survival at Save the Children gives a partnership perspective

Our partnership with Save the Children is a long-term collaboration aimed at helping to save one million children’s lives. Simon Wright, Head for Child Survival at Save the Children, talks about how we’re working together to make sure the health needs of the world’s poorest children are at the top of everyone’s agenda.

Access to healthcare

The app that could save lives

How our partnership with Save the Children is boosting healthcare innovation that supports vulnerable children.

Our people

Changing Lives

The PULSE Volunteer programme is GSK’s flagship skills-based volunteering initiative. Launched in 2009, PULSE serves as a matchmaker for GSK and the non-profit sector – connecting the skills of our high-performing employees with the pressing needs of our non-profit partners. Here, PULSE volunteer, Mizanul Islam shares his experience of working with Save the Children in Bungoma County, Kenya.

Our people

How we are innovating to reach our goal

In partnership with Save the Children we have set ourselves an audacious goal. Working together, we hope to help save one million children’s lives by 2018. Lisa Bonadonna, head of the partnership at GSK, talks about a product innovation under development, which we hope will help reach this ambitious target.

Access to healthcare

A rapid response to slow-onset disasters

The challenge of malnutrition in remote parts of the world like the Pacific has both a human and economic cost – and can be devastating not only for individuals but at a macro-level too.

How we do business

Helping to change the world

FORTUNE Magazine published its 2016 list of companies that are changing the world, and we are honored to be ranked #1.

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