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Access to healthcare

The value of vaccination

According to the World Health Organization, only clean drinking water rivals vaccination in its ability to save lives.

Access to healthcare

Giving mothers and babies a healthier start

Find out how our scientists have adapted an ingredient from a GSK mouthwash into a potentially life-saving gel for newborns in developing countries.


Rare diseases: unscrambling the code

People affected by rare diseases often face extraordinary barriers. They can find it difficult to get the right diagnosis, expert advice or treatment and support.

Patients and consumers

The right to breathe

329 million people suffer from COPD worldwide. A further 235 million suffer from asthma. We are on a journey to help everyone breathe better and live the life they want.

Patients and consumers

The Global Pain Index: an insight into the world of pain

Imagine a world where moving and operating day to day is free from body pain. A world in which jumping, twisting, lifting and stretching no longer results in aches and pains to muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.

Patients and consumers

Helping patients find their voice: Let’s talk about lung health

For patients like Raymond and Hanafi, a typical day could be an extraordinary one. Most of us do not think about the simple task of breathing, but for people suffering from lung disorders, it can consume their daily life.


Turbocharging the effect of vaccines

Since the beginning of civilisation, trees and plants have been the source of many medicinal remedies, preparations and potions. Aspirin from willow, analgesics from poppies, even chemotherapies from yew and periwinkle.

Patients and consumers

Beating the odds of Bone Marrow Disease

The bone marrow is a soft, spongy material found in large bones in the body. It makes more than 200 billion new blood cells every day. For patients suffering from blood disorders or bone marrow disease, finding a match for a stem cell transplant offers the best chance for them to find a cure.

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