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Turning the tide on antibiotic resistance

Picture a world where people routinely die from minor infections, where invasive surgery like organ transplants can’t be performed because it’s too risky, and where hospital wards are breeding grounds for disease.


Unlocking the secrets of the immune system to tackle disease

As science evolves we are learning that the immune system does so much more than protect us from an outside attack.


Rare diseases: unscrambling the code

People affected by rare diseases often face extraordinary barriers. They can find it difficult to get the right diagnosis, expert advice or treatment and support.

Patients and consumers

The right to breathe

329 million people suffer from COPD worldwide. A further 235 million suffer from asthma. We are on a journey to help everyone breathe better and live the life they want.


Take a deep breath – your lung microbiome will appreciate it

Scientists are discovering just how important microbes are in maintaining our respiratory health and immunity

How we do business

Disclosing information on payments to doctors has already had positive effects in Europe

From June 2016, we will publicly disclose information on payments and transfers of value that we make to doctors and other healthcare professionals (HCPs) in Europe as part of an initiative by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA).

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