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Access to healthcare

The value of vaccination

According to the World Health Organization, only clean drinking water rivals vaccination in its ability to save lives.

Our people

Simon Wright, Head of Child Survival at Save the Children gives a partnership perspective

Our partnership with Save the Children is a long-term collaboration aimed at helping to save one million children’s lives. Simon Wright, Head for Child Survival at Save the Children, talks about how we’re working together to make sure the health needs of the world’s poorest children are at the top of everyone’s agenda.

How we do business

How we evaluate our investment options

Over our recent history, we have completed a number of corporate transactions that have redefined the shape of GSK and realised significant value for our shareholders.

Access to healthcare

The app that could save lives

How our partnership with Save the Children is boosting healthcare innovation that supports vulnerable children.


Turbocharging the effect of vaccines

Since the beginning of civilisation, trees and plants have been the source of many medicinal remedies, preparations and potions. Aspirin from willow, analgesics from poppies, even chemotherapies from yew and periwinkle.


Vaccine manufacture: it’s complicated

Vaccine manufacture can take anywhere between 6 and 26 months. That’s not to mention the time required to research and develop a new vaccine, which can take up to 30 years.

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