Vaccine manufacture can take anywhere between 6 and 26 months. That’s not to mention the time required to research and develop a new vaccine, which can take up to 30 years.

Today is World COPD Day. A day aimed at raising awareness of COPD, a chronic disease of the lungs, which affects around 329 million people worldwide.

We've introduced new manufacturing technologies that will help deliver greater numbers of higher quality medicines more effectively to patients.

Picture a world where people routinely die from minor infections, where invasive surgery like organ transplants can’t be performed because it’s too risky, and where hospital wards are breeding grounds for disease.

Scientists are discovering just how important microbes are in maintaining our respiratory health and immunity

As science evolves we are learning that the immune system does so much more than protect us from an outside attack.

People affected by rare diseases often face extraordinary barriers. They can find it difficult to get the right diagnosis, expert advice or treatment and support.

Bioelectronic medicine is a vision far from today’s medical practice. But we believe that one day, tiny devices, smaller than grains of rice, could be used to restore health in a range of chronic diseases centred on organs and biological functions.

Since the beginning of civilisation, trees and plants have been the source of many medicinal remedies, preparations and potions. Aspirin from willow, analgesics from poppies, even chemotherapies from yew and periwinkle.

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