GSK CEO Sir Andrew Witty says a strong presence in Asia is vital to the future growth of the company

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Singapore is hugely important to GSK, as it is the regional HQ for our Emerging Markets and Asia Pacific pharmaceuticals and consumer healthcare business and GSK makes a significant contribution to Singapore’s biomedical science industry.

GSK CEO, Sir Andrew Witty, believes partnerships are key to securing strong growth in the Asian market over the next five years, and has spoken to the Economic Development Board as part of their ‘future ready’ Singapore campaign.

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GSK’s history in Asia spans more than 50 years and over that time the company has witnessed – and played a part in – the region’s rapid evolution.

Looking ahead to the next five years and beyond, GSK sees more change and progress in a region where the GDP growth continues to outpace the rest of the world and where more than half of the world’s middle class will live by 2030.

Developing countries are now looking for ways to improve access to healthcare while managing costs. This means we’ll need to look at how we can increase access to our products in a sustainable way.

To do that we have adopted a flexible approach to pricing coupled with products and formulations that are more tailored to local needs.

In this way, we can accelerate our growth in Asia and improve the wellbeing of patients by ensuring better access to medicines and healthcare products.