GSK Alerts Public to Counterfeit “EyeMo Regular” (7.5ml) and “EyeMo Moist” (7.5ml) Sold Locally

Issued: Singapore

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare (GSK CH) has found counterfeit Eye Mo eye drops in circulation in Singapore and has alerted the Health Sciences Authority (HSA). The counterfeit eye drops identified are Eye Mo Regular (7.5 ml) and Eye Mo Moist. GSK CH is assisting in investigations with the regulatory authority which has conducted an island-wide surveillance and seized the counterfeit eye drops.

Consumer safety is our top priority. GSK CH has informed consumers through various channels to be vigilant of counterfeit Eye Mo eye drops offered through certain retail outlets and other direct channels as these products may be potentially harmful to people’s health. 

GSK CH has ceased distribution of Eye Mo in Singapore since June 2014. Consumers who suspect they may have purchased or seen non-genuine Eye Mo products in any retail outlets are advised to contact GSK CH at 1-800 622 7238 or email GSK CH at