Health for all

As a science-led global healthcare company we have the opportunity to improve the health and well-being of millions of people around the world.

Through investment in R&D and infrastructure, and through collaboration with others, we are innovating to find solutions to health needs.

We are improving access to our products, irrespective of where people live or their ability to pay, and we are working to control or eliminate diseases affecting the world’s most vulnerable people.

Access to healthcare

We are actively seeking new ways of delivering healthcare and making our products more available and affordable to people who need them, wherever they live.

Health and well-being in communities

We aim to make a difference to communities through economic contribution, investment, education programmes and partnerships. In 2013 we invested £221 million in communities around the world.

Investing in Least Developed Countries

We have committed to reinvest 20% of our profits back in to improving the healthcare infrastructure in the world’s Least Developed Countries.