Our planet

To ensure we can continue to deliver high quality products to patients and consumers in future, we must protect the natural resources we need to make them today.

We are committed to managing and reducing the environmental impact of our operations and our products across their life cycle.

We have set ambitious goals to reduce carbon, water and waste across our value chain – from the sourcing of raw materials and the impact of our own facilities, to the use and disposal of our medicines, vaccines and consumer healthcare products.

In Singapore, the following initiatives contribute to GSK's commitment to our planet:

Jurong: Factory of the Future Initiative

Jurong is the prototype for GSK's Factory of the Future. In 2012, GSK committed S$50 million to this initiative which seeks to reduce the company's carbon footprint through the use of a number of sustainable processes and green technologies.

The site has successfully adopted a dual-purpose combined technology to integrate waste heat and solvent recovery technologies into a complete system, which together with our various energy reduction projects will contribute to a 30% reduction in GSK's carbon footprint by 2020 (2010 baseline).

In 2014, the site won the coveted SEC-CDL Outstanding Singapore Environmental Achievement Award and the SEC-Setsco Singapore Environmental Achievement Award for Manufacturing, both of which were presented at the 17th Singapore Environmental Achievement Awards.

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Cheong Kok Onn is a man on a mission.  His expertise in the area of energy efficiency is recognised within GSK and beyond.  An energy manager at the Jurong global manufacturing site, Mr Cheong has shared site practices with colleagues around the world, as well as Singapore's National Energy Conference in 2012 and the 2013 Biopharma Asia Convention.  Mr Cheong won the 2013 GSK President Roll of Honour Excellence Recognition Award for the energy reduction efforts of GSK Singapore and "the most CO2 emission savings award" for the 2012 Eco Action Day.



Quality Road: Improving Antibiotic manufacturing Capability in Singapore

Quality Road is one of the world’s largest amoxicillin facilities and, in 2012, GSK committed to invest a further S$60 million to improve antibiotic manufacturing capabilities at the site.  This enhanced process will utilize enzymatic technology to replace existing chemical processes during the production of amoxicillin.  This will enable the site to maintain high standards of product quality but at a reduced cost and with significantly lower environmental impact.


Tuas: Energy Efficiency Initiative in Vaccine Manufacturing

In 2013, our Tuas Vaccines manufacturing facility installed a tri-generation plant which uses waste energy generated in the production of electricity for heating and cooling.  This has improved energy efficiency by 15 – 20%.  This achievement was recognized by the Singapore Energy Efficiency National Partnerships Awards in the Best Practice Category.


GSK-Singapore Partnership for Green and Sustainable Manufacturing*

In 2010, GSK and Singapore's EDB (Economic Development Board) made a joint commitment to improve manufacturing efficiency in pharmaceutical and fine chemical manufacture in Singapore.  This commitment included a GSK and EDB-funded endowment of S$33 million to fund research that will:

  • build a strong capability in Singapore to meet the sustainable manufacturing challenges of the future for local industries
  • further enhance the working relationship between universities, institutes and local companies through interdisciplinary research in sustainability
  • enable Singapore to become a leader in sustainability research for pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals

As part of this partnership, GSK committed a further S$50 million into its Factory of the Future initiative in 2012 which seeks to reduce the company's carbon footprint through the use of a number of sustainable processes and green technologies.

*This initiative is part of a S$50 million endowment programme announced in 2009 to commemorate GSK's 50-years in Singapore and celebrate the opening of the Global Vaccines Manufacturing facility at Tuas.  GSK contributed S$30m to the endowment with the remaining S$20 million coming from the EDB.